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ICCAC 12th Annual Meeting April 3, 2019

Program Planning Chairs:  Laura Coyle and Carole Ballew


12th Annual ICCAC Meeting

The annual meeting was a great success with over 50 members in attendance and many joining our membership during the event. Dr. Robert Page from Colorado led a very engaging discussion on marijuana use in MCS patients. For access to his slides, please visit the Documents page (members only) and search under Staff/Professional Education Dr._Page_keynote_cannabis. 

Congratulations to several ICCAC members who also actively participated in presentations, posters and chairing various sessions during the 39th Annual ISHLT Meeting.

We celebrated Tonya Elliott as the 2019 ICCAC VAD Coordinator of the Year!

Wednesday April 3rd at the Loews Meeting Complex Orlando, Florida

12th Annual ICCAC Meeting

Wednesday April 3rd, 2019 from 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.


“Taking the Higher Ground: Cannabis and the LVAD Patient – Friend, Foe, or Frenemy”

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robert Page, Pharm.D., University of Colorado

  • Current state and federal policies surrounding marijuana use
  • Pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of marijuana and its various dosage forms
  • Potential dangers associated with marijuana use in the LVAD patient
  • Developing a therapeutic plan for the overall management of an LVAD patient who wishes to use marijuana

Round Table Topic Discussions: Facilitated by ICCAC Members Worldwide

“Legal and Illegal Use of Marijuana – How is Your VAD Program Inhaling All of This”

“Programmatic Gains to Improve Efficiency of Work Flow Balance”

“A New Era - Choosing the Right Pump for the Right Patient Among FDA Approved Devices: Program Preference & Why”


ICCAC is excited to have ActiCare as a sponsor for the 2019 Annual Meeting. ActiCare Health offers the first and only VAD, heart transplant and lung transplant tele-health and advanced monitoring platform with 24x7 support, empowering both patients and clinicians to achieve remarkable outcomes with reduced stress. In response to the immense administrative and operational challenges faced by VAD and transplant departments, they've designed a program to provide enhanced visibility into patients' health status, modernize patient safety and communication, optimize discharge plan adherence, and minimize adverse clinical and financial events. Their program is designed to positively affect health outcomes and quality of life, enhance care coordination and staff efficiency, and reduce costs. For more information about their services please visit

ICCAC is excited to have Berlin Heart as a sponsor for the 2019 Annual Meeting. Berlin Heart GmbH develops, produces and markets innovative devices for mechanically supporting the heart. Their products INCOR® (not approved for use in North America), EXCOR® Adult (not approved for use in North America) and EXCOR® Pediatric, span the entire range of medical indications for patients of all ages – from newborn baby to adult  For more information about their products and services please visit 

ICCAC is excited to have Medtronic as a sponsor for the 2019 Annual Meeting. Medtronic is dedicated to delivering safe, high-performing and transformative therapies that enable patients with heart failure to get back to life. The company’s breakthrough innovations begin with the HVAD® Pump, designed to be implanted in the pericardial space avoiding the more invasive surgical procedures required with older LVAD technologies. The HVAD Pump is commercially available around the world. For more information, please visit

ICCAC is excited to have Abbott as a sponsor for the 2019 Annual Meeting. Abbott is a world leader in mechanical circulatory support with the broadest product portfolio to treat the full range of clinical needs for patients suffering from advanced heart failure. The company's products include the HeartMate II and HeartMate 3, with more than 20,000 devices implanted in patients suffering from heart failure. Abbott also manufactures and distributes the CentriMag and PediMag / PediVAS product lines.  For more information about Abbott products and services, please visit 

ICCAC is excited to have Orthodynamics as a sponsor for the 2019 Annual Meeting. Orthodynamics is the industry leader in the outsourcing of Ventricular Assist Device outpatient equipment and supplies. Focused on patient care and a team approach, their VADTrac℠ Solution proprietary equipment management software and individual account management allows VAD Coordinators and hospitals to focus on what they do best. Orthodynamics represents manufacturers of all FDA approved Ventricular Assist Devices, providing for the diverse needs of patients. Their strategic alliances with hospitals, clinicians and major insurance carriers, give them the ability to provide a high level of service to patients and healthcare professionals. For more information about their products and services, please visit

ICCAC is excited to have Wound Care Resources as a sponsor for the 2019 Annual Meeting. Wound Care Resources, a national service provider for VAD outpatients since 2010, offers superior expertise in billing Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance for niche dressings and supplies. Their background in wound treatment and surgical dressing billing enables them to offer a unique perspective and valuable clinical knowledge along with viable solutions for patient health. With a reputation for providing exceptional customer service and compassionate patient support, WCR carries the most extensive selection of surgical dressings and supplies available including unique products and kits for patients with sensitive skin.  To learn more, please visit

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ICCAC Members: please Login to check your Registration status.