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**If you are interested in applying for the VAD-C(TM), please click here to fill out this form: VAD-C(TM) Certification Exam Application


  • If you are a first time RETAKE TEST TAKER, you exam has to be a minimum of 30 days since your last attempt AND you need to be within your 90-day candidacy window. IF YOU FALL OUT OF THIS WINDOW, please email the board directly:

**VAD-C(TM) Frequently Asked Questions**:


As of February 27, 2024:

35 States, 3 countries represent locations of VAD-C(TM) Individuals

-134 individuals have successfully passed the VAD-C(TM) exam

Some extra tidbits: 

  • You do NOT have to be a member of ICCAC to apply to take the VAD-C test
  • You do NOT have to have a google email account to fill out your application.
  • You DO need to meet qualifications to take the exam: Be currently working with VAD patients for at least ONE YEAR in a center that is certified in VAD by CMS or international equivalent, -OR- an entity that supports VAD patients (such as industry partners), working in one of the accepted professions (RN division, APP division, MD/DO, Perfusion division, Biomedical Engineering/Equipment Management) and hold a license in your field or have an equivalent educational degree
  • Every application is reviewed by the Exam Candidate Review Committee; You will then get a confirmation email of receiving your information and an updated email regarding candidacy or the audit email requesting more information.** 
  • Our collaborating partner, PSI, will then send out your email to schedule your exam (this process may take 1-2 weeks)
  • PLEASE NOTE: We appreciate your patience as we navigate through the volume of applicants. 

Price of Exams: First Attempt-$375; Second Attempt (as a retake)-$75; 

Third Attempt (as a retake)-$375 and Fourth Attempt (as a retake)-$75

Certification Good for 3 years before Renewal!

Cost of RETAKE exam if within 90-day window: $75

Cost of Certification Renewal: $250

Tentative Renewal Criteria:

(Amending slightly to take into account Volunteer options)

VAD-C(TM) Exam Candidate Handbook:

Study Document Options:

Open to the PUBLIC: VAD-C(TM) Certification Exam BLUE PRINTVAD-C(TM) Certification Blue Print

For ICCAC Members: Study Webinar PowerPoint (PDF file)Let's Study-Member's Only Review

Location of Testing Sites

VAD-C Certification Board

VAD-C(TM) Certification Board direct email

Have a question or concern? Email the VAD-C(TM) Certification Board directly: