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What is ICCAC?

Independent function as a non-profit, professional education and certification organization with funding through annual membership fees and educational grants from a variety of sources including, but not limited to government and industry.

  • Support for the advancement of Mechanical Circulatory Support (MCS) device technology through participation in design and implementation of clinical research protocols and the support of interdisciplinary networking of professionals within the device community and related fields
  • Establishment of a uniform certification by examination for MCS device clinicians as minimum requirement for evidence of competency in this field
  • Writing content for a formal MCS Coordinator Core Curriculum
  • Maintenance of certification standards to reflect current evidence-based treatment protocols and advances in technology.
  • Annual educational conferences as a venue for presentation and review of clinical trial data, current clinical management trends and future technology
Membership Benefits!

Some of the benefits you can expect from membership are:

  • Network, build and create new MCS Professional relationships among the MCS disciplines
  • Active work in development of VAD Coordinator Certification
  • Access to Best Practices and clinical pearls related to MCS patient management
  • Webinars to enhance MCS best practices and professional development
  • Support for research within with MCS community in the form of grants and mentoring from seasoned researchers
  • Mentorship program for new and seasoned clinicians
  • A dedicated Pediatric taskforce to provide resources to Pediatric MCS Professionals
  • Access to a quarterly newsletter that highlights individuals and programs within the MCS community
  • Annual Meetings in conjunction with ISHLT and ASAIO to provide up-to-date education for MCS Professionals. This includes networking events, MCS Coordinator-Specific sessions and MCS Proficiency Verification (MPV) courses to increase knowledge of complex case series on durable and non-durable devices.
  • International Exchange Award to allow clinicians to share experiences with MCS patient management in different programs internationally
  • App for EMS field guides on all durable MCS in the United States
  • Searchable/Downloadable references from programs across the world! Look for ICCAC logo as a "stamp of approval"
  • Access to member directory and map of all ICCAC Members
  • Information about MCS-related events coming up and how to register and/or participate
  • Participate and learn from ICCAC driven surveys

If you have any questions about your membership or are seeking opportunities to get involved, please reach out to us at

Click HERE to become an ICCAC Member

Opportunities for Involvement

There are many ICCAC Committees with opportunities to use your unique skills and talents. If you are interested in becoming a member of any of the committees listed on our website, please email the link on that committee page for more information.

2019 Accomplishments

The ICCAC Board and Presidency worked extremely hard with some amazing members in 2019 to accomplish the following:

  • Development of new independent website platform and website committee
  • Development of member map and member contact capabilities
  • First in person meeting of board and executive committee
  • Highest membership in the history of ICCAC
  • Grants from industry to support all 2019 endeavors (Thank you to our sponsors!)
  • Working toward development of VAD coordinator certification
  • Member representation at several major international conferences for oral and poster presentations
  • Publications to enhance MCS care by ICCAC members
  • Successful MPV courses at ASAIO and ISMCS
  • Development and growth of social work task force
  • Nearing completion of ICCAC VAD field guide phone application
  • Development and propagation of new colorful ICCAC brochures with updated content
  • MCS coordinator orientation guide developed and approved
  • Successful transition to G-suite for streamlined communication
  • Integration of exchange award nationally and internationally
  • Development and awarding of ICCAC VAD research award
  • Completion of updated edition of the EMS guide
  • Updated ICCAC bylaws
  • Financial overhaul and transition to Quicken by Treasurer (and Treasurer Elect)
  • ISHLT/ICCAC joint symposium accepted for ISHLT in Montreal 2020

We hope you will join us this year in 2021 to accomplish even more! If you would like more information on how to get involved, please reach out to us at or click on the Committees Tab at the top of the website.

Please click the button below to register for ICCAC Membership.

ICCAC Membership Registration