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Educational Planning Committee (MPV)
Join the Educational Planning Committee (MPV)

Chair:  Krista Martz

Chair-Elect: Erin August



Mission/Vision: Our mission is to provide education and training clinicians who specialize in mechanical circulatory support (MCS) to foster critical thinking skills from novice to expert clinicians.  This specialized education is intended to fulfill requirements for annual training for MCS clinicians as well as supplement specialized certification in MCS. 

Programs such as the MCS Proficiency Verification course are designed and coordinated by this group.


2021 Goals

Our goals are to provide interactive education through case scenarios conducted in a group setting.  Experienced faculty lead scenarios for the different devices with supplemental hands-on experience to further training objectives.  

Committee Chairs
Krista Marz
Heather Moody
Erin August
Sarah Schettle

If you have any questions, please contact