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ICCAC International Exchange Award 2020


Apply for 2020 International Exchange Award: (COVID Updated version): 

2020 Exchange award

Submit Applications to

Application Requirements

Minimum of 2 years serving in the role of a VAD Coordinator

Minimum of 1 year as an active ICCAC Member

Minimum of 25 ongoing MCS patients

Minimum of 20 MCS implantations per year

Minimum of 6 MCS inpatients during the exchange week

Minimum of 1 MCS in an intensive care unit and/or 1 MCS in a step-down unit/level

Minimum of 2 different MCS clinic outpatients during the exchange week

Have sufficient resources to justify a satisfactory experience congruent with the objectives of the exchange.

This will need to be clearly justified in the narrative.

To be eligible, both of the participating MCS centers must fulfill the following criteria:


How to Apply

Please apply through ICCAC at by July 15th of the current year. If one of the requested documents is

missing, the application will be excluded from the evaluation process. A complete application consists of the following:

1. Cover page with personal information regarding the two MCS clinicians involved in the exchange (FORM 1 on website)

2. Project proposal written by the two MCS clinicians involved (FORM 2 on website)

3. Curriculum Vitae of the two MCS clinicians

4. Letter of support from the MCS Medical Director of the two hosting hospitals

5. ICCAC Membership confirmation

Public Health Emergencies and Other Natural Disasters

The inability to complete all or a portion of the Exchange Award project due to an unexpected public health emergency or natural disaster is a potential reality. The ICCAC Exchange Award Committee will take that into consideration should the awardees not be able to sufficiently initiate or complete their project. Only expenses associated with the completion of a project will be considered for reimbursement by the Exchange Award Committee.

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