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Research Committee

Chair:  Sarah Schroder


join research committee


The International Consortium of Circulatory Assist Clinicians (ICCAC) has developed a research grant opportunity to support clinical research in the field of mechanical circulatory support (MCS).

2020 Goals
  • Develop a process for evaluating and awarding proposals from ICCAC members

2020 Research Grant Information

Thank you for your interest in the ICCAC Research Grant. The Research Committee has awarded two grants in November 2019 valued up to $1500 each. 

Instructions for Submission

Thank you for your interest in submitting your research proposal for consideration of ICCAC’s Research Grant Award. We are happy to announce that we will award two $1500 grants for 2020. These research grants will be awarded based upon scores graded from the blind review of Research Committee members. 

The ICCAC Research Committee created the Research Grant Scoring System to establish a way to appropriately and fairly score submitted research grants in order to award available funding. Each proposal will be graded on the following topics with a highest possible score of 7 as all 7 category scores will be averaged together for a single digit score with two decimals (Total of all categories 41.5/7 categories=5.97). The minimum score for grant awarding is 4.5/7 and the top two scores will be announced as award winners:

Significance: Does the research study address a significant problem?

Approach: Did the Author(s) develop a consistent conceptual framework(s), design, method and analyses to meet the aims of the research project? Are these topics well integrated to address the significant problem?

Innovation: Does the research study include innovative concepts, approaches or methods to accomplish the aim(s) of the study? Does the protocol demonstrate originality?

Investigator(s): Is the Principal Investigator and other researchers listed on the study qualified to carry out this work?

Environment: Have the researchers chosen an appropriate environment to conduct the study in? Is the time frame realistic for the chosen environment?

Budget:  Is there sufficient justification demonstrated in the requested budget to maintain adequate timing for the project completion? Consider if all budget requested items are necessary.

Supporting Evidence: Has the researcher demonstrated the need of research topic? Researcher will provide brief discussion paragraph of gap in literature and how research topic will assist in closing this gap.

2020 Grant Application

Research Grant Application Checklist (Everything must be submitted in its entirety to:

  • Research Grant Application
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the Primary Investigator (PI)
  • Study protocol of proposed research
  • Detailed budget proposal of where grant dollars would be allocated

We look forward to reviewing your grant applications. The research committee will be accepting grant applications beginning June 15th, 2020 through September 15th, 2020. Please make sure to submit the four requested documents as above or the application will be considered incomplete. No applications will be accepted after September 15th, 2020 at 11:59pm CST. Applications will be reviewed by Research Committee members following deadline in September and awards will be announced in October 2020. 

Please note: It has been collectively decided by the Research Committee members that all grant awardees will need to prepare a 5-10 minute presentation of where the research study is at for the Annual ICCAC meeting in 2021. If for whatever reason, the PI for the grant award(s) are not able to attend, there will be two options of designating another research member to present the information or compile a video submission for us to play at the meeting.

International Consortium of Circulatory Assist Clinicians (ICCAC)

Research Committee

2020 Research Grant Information

Download this link and email your submission to

Committee Chairs
Sarah Schroeder

If you have any questions, please contact